Friday, April 4, 2008

Mailling list sign-up

Use these steps to sign up on the mail list:

Click on this link:

1. Enter just your email, no password and click Login.

2. Check your mail.

The mail manager will send you an email with an authorization string and a link.

3. Click on the link provided in that e-mail

This will take you to the Main Menu Page OR you can cut and paste the auth string from the email into the page you already have open.

4. Set your password.

This will change your password to the string of your choosing. There appears to be no password mask so feel free.

5. Selecting a list or lists to join.

This is the mailing list manager for the University of Alaska, Anchorage as such, there are a number of mailing lists that may or may not interest you. The one that we are dealing with right now is the AKLUG list. Highlight that entry to the left and click the hit 'select list' button.

6. Actually subscribing to the list.
Once you are on the AKLUG page. to the right are a group of buttons.

- List Users (does exactly what you think)
- Main Menu (puts you back where you came from)
- Subscribe. Clicking on subscribe will bring you a message that says "Subscription confirmation ticket sent to user being subscribed." Go check your mail. This will send you an email to the address you registered

7. All you have to do at this point is hit reply and that will subscribe you to the the mailing list.

To Post to the mailing list. send an email to that will post it to the mailing list.

Note the Intro File.

Save this out to a text file on your computer. it has instructions on how to unsubscribe later.

To search the archives go here: